Where is My Ticket?
On the Home Page of the site your can see a link My Ticket. Click this link to view your ticket. To view your ticket you should have Ticket ID and Ticket Key. A Printer Friendly version for your ticket is available too, you could take a print out of your ticket.

What is Ticket Id and Ticket Key?
Ticket Id and Ticket Key is a unique combination for a ticket. This is use to authenticate owner of the ticket.

Where to get Ticket Id and Ticket Key?
Ticket Id and Ticket Key will be mailed to you before the game starts at the Email Id with which you have registered.

What if I lost my Ticket Id and Ticket Key?
Check your mail if it is still there or contact Help Line (it might help).

Who is/are Winner(s)?
A player who is able to claim one of the Winnings successfully.

What is a boogie?
Your ticket will be boogied (you won’t be able to play further) in case of wrong answers i.e. if you claim a particular prize and you have striked out the incorrect answers for that prize.

If I have already won can I play further?
Yes, you can play further to win other Winnings.

My ticket is Boogied, can i play further?
No, you cannot play futher.

My ticket got Boogied, but I won earlier will I still get the prize for my earlier win?
Yes, if you already won before your ticket got boogied, you would still get the prize for that win.

Where to Play?
On your ticket URL for Playing the Game is mentioned.

How to Play?
You can read Instructions for more detials.

What is time duration of the game?
Till all prizes are claimed or all Questions are called out

What is Helpline?
If you require any help you can contact our Help Line numbers

Whom to contact if I win?
You need to call only to Winning Call number and tell your Ticket ID, Ticket Key and Win Code.

What is Winning Call?
Winning Call is our HOTLINE number which will take your request for a Win and will verify if you Won or got Boogied.

After talking to Winning Call, how would I know if I had Won or Boogied?
Either you Won or you are Boogied, this information would be displayed on the site.

What are Call Outs?
It means the Questions that are being asked.

Can I see Called Outs?
Yes, you can see called outs. Once the Game Starts you can see a link Called Outs on the site just above where the Current Call Outs are being made.