In case of any help you need to call our Help Line number(s) provided on the site
  • Do not share your Ticket ID and Ticket Key with anyone.
  • It is an online event.
  • Every team needs to arrange its own Laptop/Computer and Internet facility.
  • Each ticket will have a 9 X 3 grid with exactly 15 answers randomly distributed by computer such that each row will have only exactly 5 answers. In case you find that in your ticket such a pattern does not exist, contact us before the game starts. No requests would be entertained thereafter.
  • The ‘Questions’ on the ticket will be shown online on the link of the site provided. You need to strike out the answer corresponding to the question on your ticket. The answers to the questions may or may not be present on your ticket.
  • Each question will be selected randomly generated and will be shown for 60-90 seconds
  • The winner of any of the prize will have to call us only on Winning Call phone number written on the site. Player will provide us with his/her Ticket Id, Ticket Key and Win Code. Please note that you need to call before next to next cue is shown.
  • Your ticket will be boogied (you won’t be able to play further) in case of wrong answers i.e. if you claim a particular prize and you have striked out the incorrect answers for that prize.
  • No request would be entertained for a win which a player is claiming after two or more questions has already been called out, but still can play for another prizes
    E.g. Say Current Called Out is #13 and you think you had won Line 1. Then you need to call only at the Winning Call and tell us your Ticket ID, Ticket Key and Win Code i.e. 2 in case of Line 1. As this is Called Out #13 you need to call us before Call Out #15. If due to any reason you are not able to call before it (like number busy etc.) we don't take any reason into considertation.
  • A sample ticket:
  • Following is the details for various Wins
    Win Code Name Description